• Great Company Holiday Party Planning Tips

Great Company Holiday Party Planning Tips

We know that the holidays are fast approaching. At 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ, we know that many companies are watching pennies in this economy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t host a holiday party for employees and still keep it all in the budget!

Whatever your company holiday party budget is, employees always appreciate you showing your appreciation for their year-long efforts in some tangible manner; to celebrate together in a social, rather than business atmosphere. This can go a long way toward making employees and  feel valued and helps them bond with one another, a good step toward team building and improving morale.

In addition, company holiday parties can be great networking events as well- by inviting key vendors and industry partners, both they and your employees get a chance to mingle, share stories and business ideas.

We brainstormed on how you can host a party and engage the team and vendors for you- we hope it’s helpful!

Great Company Holiday Party Planning Tips to having a Budget Conscious Company Holiday Party

Start Planning A Company Holiday Party

Everyone knows the key to saving money is to plan ahead and be organized.  Now is the time to decide what type of party you’d like.  Do you want to have a dinner party at a big fancy ballroom or an informal get together at the office? Think about your guest list size.  Will employee’s spouse’s be attending?  Keeping the party on the smaller side is more than likely going to save you money.

Set the date immediately

“Premium” days in the month of December quickly fill up on Caterer’s calendars.

The Big Party

If you do choose to go “4Sixty6 Caterers Style,” and hold your party at New Jersey’s Top Banquet Hall, there are some ways to hold down costs. Parties held on any day but Friday or Saturday are generally less expensive.

Have a “winter-themed” party

In January and February the prime dates aren’t filled and you might just get more value for your dollar.

Ordering from the menu saves money

At 4Sixty6 Caterers, our Chefs carefully plan menus to inspire, stay balanced, and with a specific budget in mind.  When starting from scratch, often times, a great idea becomes much larger of a process to execute than planned.  This creates additional expense to the Caterer and therefore is passed on to the client.

Do your best to get an accurate head count

It’s better than paying unnecessary additional monies for “no-shows.”  Plan quantities carefully. Calculate how many guests you have and plan for that many.

Buffets or food stations?

Create some fun interaction with a great Chef Manned Action Station.

Have a signature cocktail with beer and wine

Full bars come with their price tag, instead come up with a great holiday cocktail that will please your guests and keep the price tag in check.

Butler Passed Hors d’oeuvres

People are less likely to waste food this way. If you just put food out on a table and give them plates they tend to fill up the plate but don’t eat it all. If you have servers walk around with trays they are more likely to eat what they take.

Simplicity equals Elegance

Sometimes less is more- or in 4Sixty6 Caterers case, we have everything under one roof- so focus your budget on the most important parts first.

Whatever you do to celebrate the holidays this season, keep these tips in mind for your next party, and you can throw a successful one that everyone loves. Happy holidays from 4Sixty6 Caterers.