Planning a Mitzvah party without breaking the bank

Planning a Mitzvah party without breaking the bank.

Let’s let it all out! Who doesn’t want a party that feels like you spent $1 million but you only spent a fraction of that! We get calls daily from families who are concerned about the costs of having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party for their child. Over the past few decades, the two schools of thought on great Mitzvah celebration has not changed much.

The first group are parents who pull out all the stops and throw a huge, flashy party and want to have an over the top event. If this describes what you want – go for it. Be prepared both for significant costs and a great party. Remember that the best Mitzvah’s manage to keep the focus on your child and the spirit of the occasion, no matter what the final budget of the event.

But what if you want something just as flashy, but don’t have the budget, and have a party just as (or maybe more) meaningful? In this group are families who are cost conscious but still want a great event. The best part of planning a party for this second group is that you’re already focused on the heart of the event: planning a special, memorable and fun family party that incorporates Jewish tradition, special ceremonies and good times.

At 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ you can have a special, exciting and memorable mitzvah party for your child without having to take out a second mortgage on your home!

  1. Choosing a venue like 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ allows you to have great dynamics for a party vs just a room in a fancy building – we have a 15,000sf, 2 story building that can accommodate almost 1,000 guests! We have alcoves and smaller areas that allow people to get away to talk and plenty of places to let it all out on the dance floor.
  2. Choose inexpensive but interesting party favors to hand out to guests as a special memento- T-shirts are great and memorable and they don’t cost a fortune, but ask one of our event experts for additional ideas.
  3. Choose game prizes like ITunes gift cards, $2 bills, or other small tchotchkes; small gift bags that appeal to kids and adults alike filled with inexpensive, Jewish themed items which can be assembled at home.
  4. Many venues require you to make good use of fabric backdrops and up-lighting to make the room look beautiful- not at 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ. Our facility has a multi-million lighting and sound system that can change the color/theme of your party and the click of a button. Want a blue theme to start off the evening but a pink and green colored theme when the dancing starts, no problem!
  5. Have a photo or video montage you want to display? At 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ we have a huge projection system and a monstrous wall to view all of your family memories.
  6. Think about interactivity for your guests. A digital snap shot booth, a live camera fed to a projector, a fun game table off to the side, and so on- we can help you plan anything you can imagine at 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ.
  7. Keep the focus on your child and your guests- it’s their day not the venues day.
  8. If you are the host parent, then delegate, delegate, delegate even if you are not hiring coordinators- oh wait a minute, at 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ you don’t have to worry about delegating- with 1,000’s of parties under our belt, we will handle it all so you can enjoy the special day. This leaves you free to work the room and relax.
  9. Sweat the details of the guest list. A great party starts with a great crowd.

At 4Sixty6 Caterers in West Orange, NJ we strive to work with families to create a Mitzvah party that accomplishes both your objectives: affordability and fun. We’ve learned to find the happy medium between a lavish, high cost affair and a casual low cost get together by placing the emphasis on fun, family and tradition. We are good at it and we’d love to be your DJ of choice.